Roberto Mitelpunk

From Mindful Movement to Untethered Flow

Roberto Mitelpunkt, MD is an integrative psyche and body therapist with a broad experience in diverse aspects of mental health, psychosomatic medicine, psychogeriatrics and interdisciplinary teamwork. His therapeutic methodology combines psychotherapy with body work that is based on Chi-Kong, movement and dance, a methodology designed to help people re-energize, focus and become more productive.
For many years, Roberto has been teaching in various venues and academic institutions .
He is a senior consultant at the “Clinic for physical and functional empowerment” at the Tel Aviv Medical Center.

The Workshop: From Mindful Movement to Untethered Flow

Through Chi kong, movement and dance we will sever our tethers to achieve a new state of mind. A freer flowing that fosters spontaneity and facilitates the creation of connections with the world and with others.
Theoretical and clinical issues wil be discussed during the practice.