Helena Barquilla

5 Ritmos ©: Movimiento consciente como vía de desarrollo y autoconocimiento

Is from Spain. She has been the first Spanish trained as a 5 Rhythms teacher, in 2008.
For 20 years she lived in different countries. In 2008 went back to live in Spain where she teaches 5 Rhythms.
She started her professional life working as an international model. At 27, she left fashion to begin a path of self-discovery, exploring different spiritual practices and philosophies.
She investigated various world shamanic practices specially those in the Peruvian Andes where she lived for four years and where she got an Anthropological degree.
She is a Yoga teacher and a bodywork practitioner (Shiatsu and various types of massage). She is an MBTB instructor ( Minfulness Based in  Buddhist tradition), an student and practitioner of Zen Buddhism and she doing Gestalt therapy training.