Sol Petersen (NZ) and Bibiana Badenes (ESP) founded the Bodywisdom Foundation Spain with the intention of bringing together professional movement therapists, manual therapists and bodyworkers who focus on holistic health and wellness based on scientific evidence. The foundation provides a platform for the Exchange of ideas, debate, and a space to share knowledge and experience. The slogan of the first Congress was the Anatomy of Aliveness. Thanks to a variety of professionals who made the event enriching on every level, the quality and proximity of the speakers engaged all who were present. The movement sessions brought everyone closer together and established a special dynamic.

BODYWISDOM FOUNDATION SPAIN will hold periodically a meeting for professional bodyworkers and international educators in order to explore processes and methods for developing and sustaining health and wellness. We will focus on researched-based evidence that promotes preventative medicine and the art of healing.This is an enriching opportunity to view and share in the skills and inspiration of a wide spectrum of methods by professionals with great expertise.

BODYWISDOM FOUNDATION SPAIN will also hold events related to wellness, nutrition, and personal development. A variety of socio-cultural activities will be offered with the aim of getting more involved on a local level. We aim to be a source of inspiration and a point of reference for professionals all over the world, and we hope that citizens will be able to benefit from the contributions of our Association.