Elisa Cotroneo

Elisa Cotroneo


The Future of Somatic Movement Education and Therapy: Transforming ourselves and the world through Conscious Movement

Facilitated by Elisa Cotroneo, RSME/T, Executive Director

Join your colleagues and imagine the future of our growing professional field. This interactive conversation will focus on the topics and issues most relevant to the community. Together we will identify challenges and envision solutions that support us both individually and collectively.

We will enter into collaborative dialogue and identify ways to strengthen the fabric of the profession of Somatic Movement Education and Therapy. Come prepared to express your needs and your vision for a world transformed through the benefits of conscious movement.

Potential topics may include:

▪ Expanding recognition of the Profession
▪ Collaborative Partnerships
▪ Certification of Practitioners
▪ Scope of Practice
▪ Insurance, both liability and reimbursement for services
▪ Accreditation of Schools
▪ Standards and Competencies
▪ Governmental Recognition

Where would you like to see yourself, and the profession in 5 years?

What Challenges do you face as a professional?

What support do you need?

How might ISMETA support you or the growing profession of Somatic Movement Education and Therapy?