Mindful movement promotes body awareness through bringing 100 % of our attention to our movements. With mindful movement you re-learn how to move optimally with ease.

Mindful movement has been described as a key element or a mechanism of action for therapeutic approaches often categorized as mind-body approaches, such as yoga, TaiChi, Body-Oriented Psychotherapy, Body Awareness Therapy, mindfulness based therapies/meditation, Feldenkrais, Alexander Method, Rolfing™ Movement, Breath Therapy and others with reported benefits for a variety of health conditions. In mindful movement we practice to sense our whole body while movement happens and previously to the movement. Being aware of our movement patterns can lead us to take different decissions with more reflection and this affects not only to ourselves but also to the others, to nature , to our countries and to our mother Earth.

Bodywisdom wants to bring Mindful Movement to all the fields.

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