Beatrix Boda

Beatrix Boda (Hungary)

Nia Technique, Moving to Heal

Beatrix is a licenced Nia Brown Belt Teacher, currently living in Valencia. She found out Nia in 2006 in Budapest and was deeply touched by its healing quality through the power of music and movement. She teaches Nia since 2010 combining her passion for dancing, teaching, applying her psichologycal and anatomical knowledge and ability to speak different languages. Beatrix brings mindfulness, vitality and Joy to all her classes, playshops and jams on her Nia journey in Italy, Hungary and Spain.

Moving to Heal is a special Nia class, a mindful, dance-based somatic experience for Self-Healing. It teaches you the tools of how to live in your body, learn to slow down and listen at every twist and turn on your path. Pleasure is the way to feel better, through sensations and movement awareness.

„I am inspired by Nia’s Moving to Heal healing potential for helping individuals of all ages and backgrounds, including people with specific physical or mental health needs, to create healthy lives full of joy, self-awareness and connection. Nia is one of the best gifts I have ever received and one of the best I can offer and share. I look forward to dancing with you……..”