Andrea Royen and Eva Willenheimer

Andrea Royen and Eva Willenheimer

Ease through Body Harmony

Andrea Royen Body Harmony Teacher, Spain

Involved with Body Harmony since 2003, Andrea brings her experience as an interpreter, translator, fiscal consultant, business manager and body worker to her practice. She has always loved adventure and nature and her Body Harmony journey has been an ongoing passionate experience of both. Her background has given her deep listening skills both to what is said and what is not said, this being the beginning of what is an ongoing journey of discovery. She lives with her partner Esperanza and her daughter on the Costa Tropical of Granada. She is the director of the legal and fiscal consultancy company ASINEX SL since 1984 and is a member of the directing committee of the newly founded Body Harmony Association Inc.

Eva Willenheimer met and fell in love with Body Harmony in 1991 in Sweden and became a teacher some years later. Being a physiotherapist, she had been looking for a way to not only treat the physical body, but also support her clients in being happy and healthy and this, to her delight, she found in Body Harmony. Eva is now living in Spain, enjoying the new culture and the weather!

What is Body harmony ?

The work could be described in basic terms as a ‘hands on therapy’.

However we have repeatedly discovered that when we touch someone we touch the entire person, effecting more than the localized physical contact.

For many clients it is a surprise to discover that conscious touch can be a powerful catalyst for change in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of life.

A key part of the Body Harmony approach is a conscious touch.

There are many great systems of bodywork available. What Body Harmony offers is an approach where the unique character of the client is more important than any one systems recipe for addressing a particular type or category of problem. We treat people as a process, and processes can change. This change can lead to different outcomes in how people use and experience their body.
As a result, our experience is that Body Harmony sessions sometimes help where other approaches may not.

Body Harmony is a tool for developing your full potential in any facet of life.

It is bodywork which people use to:

• Help co-regulate their nervous system
• Release tension, aches and pains
• Restore natural body movement to improve function, posture and presentation
• Accelerate physical and emotional healing
• Resolve issues held in the body to allow enhanced health, harmony, vitality
• Improve communication and relationships
• Increase success and prosperity
• Breathe with greater ease
• Live with joy
• And much much more…

We recognize this is quite a range of uses…

This is partly because Body Harmony is an open and evolving system including many aspects of the bodywork modalities currently available. It is also a result of the Body Harmony approach to working with a client.