Vidyadasa (Ady Griffiths) has been practicing Yoga, Meditation and Buddhism for 25+ years and teaching since 2006, he teaches weekly Yoga, Yoga & Meditation, and Embodied Yoga Principles classes at Brighton Buddhist Centre, leads yoga, meditation and Buddhism weekends, holidays and retreats

He is a trained Embodiment Facilitator and teacher trainer on the Embodied Yoga Principles Teacher Training alongside Mark Walsh.

Originally practiced Iyengar Yoga, then influenced by Vanda Scaravelli inspired practice with a variety of teachers and Hatha Yoga generally, he trained as a Unity Hatha Yoga Teacher in 2006.

Other Movement and Meditation Training has included being a Shiatsu Practitioner 1998-2003 daily Chi Kung for 6 years, a Dance and Visual Art Degree 2003, was ordained as a Buddhist in the Triratna Buddhist Tradition in 2011, he trained alongside Bibiana Badenes Braulio as an Embodiment Facilitator in 2016 with Mark Walsh, Francis Briers and a variety of teachers.

Mindful yoga and embodiment : Yoga and Mindfulness for your life

In these mindful yoga sessions we will explore what it feels like in our body to be alive with awareness of our body sensations, thoughts, feelings and of the people we are practicing with and the environment we are in.

Beginning with meditative mindfulness, moving into hatha yoga postures and movement sequences,including specific Embodied Yoga Principles postures to develop specific qualities that we need in everyday life – care, kindness, courage, compassion, giving and receiving, focus, determination and the will to freedom.

Embodied Yoga Principles develops awareness, acceptance and an intentional approach to life which we can follow through into taking action in our life.

Includes moving and being with pairs, small groups and collectively as a whole group, also includes sharing of personal self observations – all of which is by invitation, optional and with your consent, at the beginning of a session we make an agreement to maintain confidentiality. 

We find that people gain the most out of the practice by being open to their experience and being willing to explore that openly with others.

Please note: the practices can be powerful, and may not be suitable if you are feeling very emotionally unbalanced, or experiencing difficult psychological difficulties, are in deep therapy, or have recent trauma, or bereavement.

Note: No previous experience of yoga or mindfulness necessary.