She has a degree in Medicine (1999) and has advanced knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. She is also a specialist in Anesthesiology and Resuscitation since 2004. Currently, she works as anestheologist in the General Hospital of the University of Castellón, with experience working in its Pain Control Unit.

She is a Reiki Master since 2006, trained in “Tikum” (Barcelona.) She has been a practitioner of Kundalini Yoga for over ten years. Her spiritual name is VARANJEET KAUR, by YOGI BHAJAN, and she’s a direct disciple of HARI KRISHAN SINGH. She has always considered herself to be a student of yoga, and became a yoga instructor in the “Del Sol Yoga” academy in Castellón, on 2009. Currently, she teaches sessions of Kundalini Yoga in the Castellón Zen Center, and helps train Hatha Yoga instructors in Coop Salus, Castellón.

She became a Relaxation Mindfulness Monitor in 2014, in the University Jaime I, Castellón. She teaches Mantra workshops, using them as a meditation and consciousness-expanding tools, and aids as a lecturer and profession in yogic festivals and retreats.

Lecture. Body Wisdom Spain 2017: PAIN & MINDFUL MOVEMENT

Concept of PAIN and MOVEMENT: A journey from the external and limiting to the internal and fluid.

This lecture explains the ways in which chronic pain or physical limitations can influence the expressiveness of the body, seen as the structure on which we develop all our vital functions, and on our emotions and thoughts. We address this conscious realization from a yogic perspective, which allows us to discover gradually the evolution of rejection and guilt about the body/pain, and lead us to accepting an opening the emotions it is hiding. The main goal of this lecture is to invite the audience to develop a new perspective on life conditioned by pain through the yogic awareness movement, to help themselves or to help others reach free themselves from a dense energy state that is the result of blocking the physical.