Thomas Rogall


Founder and Director of Foot School Munich, Physiotherapist and Massage therapist, author

1985 Start of apprenticship

1988 State- approved Massage therapist

Since 1993 practizing of hata yoga and 10 years of visiting Feldenkrais workshops

Additionel skills as therapist of lymphathology, Chirogymnastic , Shiatsu and Spiraldynamik®

1997 State – approved Physiotherapist

Since 1998 own workshops in teaching body-movement

2002 – 2009 Instructor for anatomic and physiological basic knowledge European Shiatsu Institut

Munich and Vienna

2006 – 2014 Instructor for anatomic and physiological basic knowledge CITA (Center of Dance

therapist training)

2007 Foundation of Foot School Munich (Fuß – Schule München)

2011 First book “The art of walking” (Die Kunst des Gehens”)

Since 2011 articles and appearance in TV, radio and newspapers

2013 Second book “Hallux valgus – the best exercises for self-treatment”

2016 Next book probably title “Self- management of foot pain”

“Prevention and therapy of foot aches and pains”

The presentation and the workshop points the ways to focused support of the motion system in walking. You will get to know the ingenious construction of your body by learning or repeating anatomical, physiological and bio – mechanic basics for walking. Your foot is the mirror of whole body coordination in walking. Your foot imprint represents the movement of your body above the foot. There is an imprint in your foot that forms the foot. If you modify the movement of your body, you modify the imprint and the pressure in your foot. Realizing the quality of your movements and discovering your ability to coordinate, can prevent damage to your feet.  You learn about strategies to treat problems and symptoms like hallux valgus, metatarsalgia, claw toe and morton neuralgia. Let´s go!