Larry Koliha

larry koliha

Larry Koliha is a Certified Advanced Rolfer®, an instructor in the Rolf Institute’s Foundations of Rolfing Structural Integration program, is Certified in Advanced Myofascial Techniques, and is a Lead Instructor for’s Advanced Myofascial Techniques series. His extremely clear, knowledgeable, and good-natured teaching style consistently delights his students. Having a talent for seeing how parts work together, Larry formerly worked in the field of mechanical analysis; combined with his emphases on sustainable body use, sensitive touch, and appropriate pacing, Larry brings a wealth of experience to his courses. Larry practices in the Raleigh/Durham area in North Carolina.

Walking the Worm: An exploration in walking from the inside out

Basically, our body is a big worm with an external transport system. The outer system protects, mobilizes and feeds the inner system, i.e., “the worm.” Musculoskeletal patterns are often a reflection of internal holdings. These patterns are particularly noticeable in movement and gait.

This workshop addresses often overlooked internal patterns that affect structure such as breath cycle, visceral compression, and cranial tension. Using awareness and hands-on techniques, we’ll observe the affects of internal tensions and learn ways to introduce greater ease. We’ll experience how “freeing the inner worm” changes walking patterns and as well as the way we walk through life.