Bibiana Badenes


Bibiana Badenes is a Physical Therapist graduate of the University of Valencia, certified Advanced in the Rolfing © Method of Structural Integration and a teacher of Rolf Movement Integration (USA). She has been educated in different psycho-somatic bodywork therapies throughout the world and is currently investigating and creating a program she calls Body Intelligence (Inteligencia Corporal) as a way to discover one’s potential through one’s body.

She has remained at the leading edge of BodyMind treatments and education in southern Europe as well as enjoying a rich family life. Her love and enthusiasm for healing work and for people is immediately evident in her whole being, in her state of the art Physiotherapy clinic and in the vast number of programs she has created to assist people to realize their potential in body, mind, heart and spirit. Bibiana has developed one of the most comprehensive residential treatment programs available in the world today for Rheumatoid Arthritis, working with more than 2000 RA patients – adults as well as children. She is co-creator of the innovative Terapia Integral Acuatic – an exciting aquatic therapy, as well as Myofascial Release Trainings, both of which she teaches internationally. Bibiana works with a wide variety of patients and different conditions, from sports people to children and the elderly.

A pioneer in connecting and building bridges of contact among distinct therapeutic disciplines, Bibiana searches for an inter-disciplinary dialogue through health which can be accessible to everyone. She created Bodywisdom Spain to fulfill this vision.