In this practical workshop we will apply mindful movement exercises to:
•    bring greater awareness to how you do the things you do;
•    develop a greater appreciation for the role of posture and breathing in determining how you receive and assimilate your environment;
•    help diversify the quality of your attention to increase your range of behavioral options;
•    introduce increased physical ease, fluidity and awareness to the process of consciously touching others in a therapeutic context.

Duncan has an extensive background in teaching and practicing Body Harmony®. He is currently the longest standing Body Harmony teacher in the world and has presented and organised classes in 13 different countries over the last 3 decades. He is the director of Health In Perspective Pty Ltd, current president of the newly formed Body Harmony Association Inc. and the director of the Alaya Verde retreat in Queensland, Australia. Duncan studied and collaborated extensively with the late Dr Don McFarland, – the founder of Body Harmony – until his passing in 2015. Duncan is a father, a grandfather and continues to be blessed by a wonderful and fulfilling marriage to his wife and life partner Gina Carruthers.